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Welcome to COLA FOODS, a world-class manufacturer of fresh food products and a purveyor of specialty meats. We are a collective of two companies—Lincoln Packing and Marcello Foods—working in tandem to offer you a broad range of the best products available in the food industry.

A family owned business that has been serving the northeast for over 60 years, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the industry, which is why you have our personal guarantee that our products—made from Old World Italian family recipes and with special spices—will always be superior while our commitment to serving you as our valued customers will remain unrivaled.

LINCOLN PACKING carries the Lincoln Brand of breakfast sausages, ground beef, shaved beef as well as the Giovanni Brand of Italian specialty sausages.

MARCELLO FOODS specializes in a wide array of foods all available in your local supermarkets, including hot dogs, shaved steak, and Italian, Chinese and chicken varieties of specialty sausage.

We at COLA FOODS look forward to serving you.

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